Appeals Board simplifies notice procedure with new form

Starting now, parties who wish to appeal an opinion from the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims with the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board may use this new form to initiate the appeal.

The new form means the Board is doing away with the two separate forms it currently uses (Compensation Hearing Notice of Appeal-LB-1103, and Expedited Hearing Notice of Appeal-LB-1099). Instead the new Notice of Appeal form will be used for all appeals to the Board, and the appealing party will indicate on the form the type of order being appealed: (1) expedited hearing order; (2) motion order; (3) compensation order; or (4) other order.

Deadlines will still be the same: any appeal of a compensation order must be filed within 30 calendar days of the date the compensation order was filed; all other appeals must be filed within seven business days of the date the trial court’s interlocutory order was filed.

Kudos to the Board for making the appeals process a little easier.

3 thoughts on “Appeals Board simplifies notice procedure with new form

  1. Sheila Wilson says:

    If a court reporter attended a hearing, it would be extremely beneficial to be listed on the certificate of service. The timeline to prepare an appeal transcript is very short.


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