Bureau Announces Return-to-Work Learning Opportunity

The Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will offer a free online training program beginning later this month to help employers develop or enhance the skills and knowledge to coordinate an employee’s return to employment after a work-related injury. The training is part of the Bureau’s newly developed Returning Employees to Work And Reducing Disabilities (REWARD) … Continue reading Bureau Announces Return-to-Work Learning Opportunity

Judicial Reappointments Announced

Abbie Hudgens, Administrator of the Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, announced that she has reappointed four judges to the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims. They are: Robert Durham, Cookeville; Audrey Headrick, Chattanooga; Amber Luttrell, Jackson; and Dale Tipps, Murfreesboro. “The judges on the Court of Workers’ Compensation play a pivotal role in providing parties with … Continue reading Judicial Reappointments Announced

Please Nominate a Deserving Candidate for Recognition

The Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is accepting nominations for the Third Annual Sue Ann Head Award for Excellence in Workers’ Compensation. Nominees must have been involved in the Tennessee workers’ compensation system for a minimum of five years in one of the following categories: employer or employer’s representative, employee representative, service provider, claims professional, … Continue reading Please Nominate a Deserving Candidate for Recognition


Due to the Nashville bombing of AT&T technical equipment location, normal telephone service for settlement approvals has been interrupted.   PLEASE NOTE THE SETTLEMENT CALL-IN NUMBERS FOR THIS WEEK ONLY FOR THE NASHVILE JUDGES: Judge Josh Baker – 423-634-0163 Chief Judge Kenneth Switzer – 855-543-5041 All attorneys with approvals this week must contact the injured workers … Continue reading ALERT!

What’s New at the Appeals Board?

We’re glad you asked! First, on Monday, new rules became effective that govern the appeals process for both interlocutory appeals and compensation order appeals. They are available here. The rules didn't revise any deadlines or make other significant substantive changes, but they now incorporate the Board’s former Practices and Procedures into the administrative rules. Second, … Continue reading What’s New at the Appeals Board?