Appeals Board Sets Arguments During Conference

The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board will hear arguments during the Bureau’s upcoming educational conference. The case, Martinez v. ACG Roofing, Inc., involves an insurance coverage dispute and multiple alleged employers. The trial judge denied a motion for summary judgment brought by one of the carriers, Assigned Technology Risk, finding questions of material fact. Assigned Technology … Continue reading Appeals Board Sets Arguments During Conference

Direct and Natural Consequences Rule Remains Intact

By Jane Salem, staff attorney, Nashville Last week, the Appeals Board issued its second opinion in two years in which it upheld the direct and natural consequences rule in workers’ compensation cases. Presiding Judge Timothy Conner wrote a concurring opinion, however, remarking that guidance from the Tennessee high court would be useful. Facts Natacha Hudgins … Continue reading Direct and Natural Consequences Rule Remains Intact

Synergy: When Magic Happens

By Judge Audrey Headrick, Chattanooga “Synergy” means “an advantageous pooling together of resources or efforts,” according to Merriam-Webster. Synergy fits perfectly with Administrative Professionals’ Day, which is on April 26. “Administrative professional” is an umbrella term that encompasses many jobs. In fact, our country has recognized and celebrated Administrative Professionals’ Day since 1942. Through the … Continue reading Synergy: When Magic Happens

Coal Miner’s Grandson

By Judge Robert Durham, Cookeville I was recently thinking about how critical workers’ compensation benefits are for some families, particularly those whose primary breadwinner has died in a work accident. And then I realized something that I’d never thought about, even though I’ve dealt in worker’s compensation for thirty years now: my own family was … Continue reading Coal Miner’s Grandson

Mark Your Calendars

By Judge Brian Addington, Gray You’re cordially invited to an open house commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Gray office of the Bureau of Workers Compensation. The celebration will take place on March 1, 2023, from 10:30 to noon Eastern time. Light refreshments will be served. Click here to get a little background information. Just … Continue reading Mark Your Calendars

Did you know…?

By Kimberly D. Weaver, paralegal, Knoxville I’m a lover of fun, strange, and weird facts. And when it relates to history, even better. I’m kind of like postman Cliff Clavin from Cheers. Remember as he would saunter up to the bar, order his drink, and out would come a strange fact from the depths of … Continue reading Did you know…?

In Re: Residents of Montgomery, Stewart, and Houston Counties

By Chief Judge Kenneth M. Switzer, Nashville There’s no place like home. Some people have to travel far from home for a settlement approval. Over the years, the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims has secured remote locations to hold settlement approval hearings. We’ve done this because our judges are located in eight cities across the … Continue reading In Re: Residents of Montgomery, Stewart, and Houston Counties