More on the SD-2

By Judge Pamela B. Johnson, Knoxville Recap: In my last blog post discussing the Statistical Data Form, I focused on the importance of the form and explained that the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation uses the data collected to complete its Annual Report to the Legislature. The data is also supplied to national organizations that measure the … Continue reading More on the SD-2

Details, Details

By Chief Judge Kenneth M. Switzer, Nashville In the musical “1776,” after a long, arduous battle over the concept of the Declaration of Independence and the details of its wording, the document is finally ready for a vote. At this point John Adams, who has pushed for the Declaration the whole time, raises an objection to … Continue reading Details, Details

The 411 on the SD1

By Judge Pamela B. Johnson, Knoxville We live in a culture that likes to count and measure things. We budget our households, count our daily steps, and chart our children’s growth, while test scores measure their learning. I’m not immune. I often find myself mentally counting things, and I have developed my own set of … Continue reading The 411 on the SD1