Multiple Employers, But ONE Petition

By Penny Shrum, Court Clerk, Nashville

I have a large family. Two of my sisters are fraternal twins. Once people are told they are twins, they can’t tell them apart. They are two separate entities tied together by one birth. It gets complicated.

When an employee files a petition for benefit determination with several potential employers, it is several entities tied together by one injury.

We prefer that you file one petition for benefit determination and attach a list of the additional respondents/employers, rather than filing separate petitions for each. To make that uniform, we have created an addendum to the petition for multiple employers.

The petition for benefit determination is located here. But you’ll notice we’ve revised it with an instruction for when multiple employers are alleged.

When you click on that link, the addendum looks like this.

You can complete as many addenda as there are alleged respondents/employers.

Just remember to serve all of these respondents/employers, even if they’re self-represented or uninsured. It gets complicated.

This should ensure that the injury and the employers are tied together with one docket number. Different state file numbers will be assigned for each employer; however, the one docket will tie them together in TNComp. This will make it uncomplicated.

Can you tell which ones are twins?

One thought on “Multiple Employers, But ONE Petition

  1. David Dunaway says:

    Thank you so much for communicating this change.Wehave been trying to get this changed for the last 4 years. It was extremely difficult for getting numerous petitions filed when the statute of limitations was running.

    David Dunaway


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