Good-bye and Good Luck

By Judge Brian Addington, Kingsport

It was not that long ago that Martin Conway ̶ we call him Marty ̶ came to work for the Bureau as a Specialist IV. Wait a second; it has been nine-plus years! My, how time flies.

Marty came to the Bureau from Wimberly Lawson, a private law firm. He practiced in their Morristown, Tennessee office for several years, primarily focusing on business and employment law, including workers’ compensation. A graduate of Mississippi State (we forgave him a long time ago for that), Adelphi University (there are no words here), and Brooklyn Law School (Hey, what are you lookin’ at?!), Marty excelled in his education. Serving first as a workers’ compensation specialist IV and then as a staff attorney, Marty has enjoyed his time here.

From a personal standpoint, Marty’s time with the Bureau has been full of change. In nine short years, he married Rebekah and they became parents to three children: William, Lucy and Hannah. William, the thinker; Lucy, the dancer; and Hannah, the perfect lady at age three. They have brought nothing but joy to the Conway household.

I am proud to announce on Marty’s behalf that he recently learned he was chosen to be a Supervisory Administrative Law Judge for the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals in Kansas City, Missouri. This is a great honor, as OMHA only hired five supervisory judges this year. Marty tested and interviewed over a long four-year period to gain the position. Thousands of attorneys, state judges, and law clerks across the nation applied, which shows the stiff competition Marty faced.

Marty has been a huge help to me as a judge, literally doing anything I asked him to do. Marty is a great writer, and his edits of my work were thoroughly appreciated. Marty also competently handled a significant part of the remaining “old law” RFAs that the Bureau receives.

It has been a pleasure working with him and getting to know him and his family. Marty’s last day in the office will be Friday, August 11. Drop by between now and then to wish him well. If you can’t make it, please join me in wishing Marty and his family Godspeed and all the best in his new position in their new city.


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