Presumptions in Tennessee Workers’ Compensation

By Judge Brian Addington, Gray History buffs like me will remember the words of H.M. Stanley: “Dr. Livingstone, I presume.” And, anyone who watches movies or television can likely complete this sentence: A criminal defendant is “presumed ______ until _______.” Or if someone disappears, how many years until they’re presumed dead? We have many presumptions … Continue reading Presumptions in Tennessee Workers’ Compensation

In Re Butter

By Judge Brian Addington, Gray I’ve met people who were astounded when I told them I’m a judge. Just the other day, my wife and I were eating lunch with a few other couples, including the daughter of a famous professional football player. She actually did a doubletake and said “No” twice when I told … Continue reading In Re Butter

Gray welcomes students for Workers’ Comp 101

By Judge Brian Addington, Gray It was a pleasure to host the Tennessee Avenue Christian Academy BETA club at the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Gray location on January 22nd. Eight students and two teachers attended the first “Workers’ Comp 101” class. What is that, you ask? It’s a high school/college level one-hour introduction to workers’ … Continue reading Gray welcomes students for Workers’ Comp 101

Slip sliding away

By Judge Brian Addington, Gray I was sitting in our car in Nashville years ago when I heard a catchy tune from Paul Simon, Slip Sliding Away. I later learned the Oak Ridge Boys backed him up. I really liked that song, but I was used to hearing the Oak Ridge Boys sing gospel. I … Continue reading Slip sliding away