Slip sliding away

By Judge Brian Addington, Gray I was sitting in our car in Nashville years ago when I heard a catchy tune from Paul Simon, Slip Sliding Away. I later learned the Oak Ridge Boys backed him up. I really liked that song, but I was used to hearing the Oak Ridge Boys sing gospel. I … Continue reading Slip sliding away

Brave Tennesseean is ‘Righteous Among the Nations’

By Judge Brian Addington, Kingsport I have written before about my interest and love of heroes, mentioning Alvin York and Tom Lee, both great Tennesseans. They exemplified courage in distinctly different ways and both were widely recognized for their accomplishments during their lifetimes. I am proud they called Tennessee home and are part of our … Continue reading Brave Tennesseean is ‘Righteous Among the Nations’

In re: Flying Solo

By Judge Brian Addington, Kingsport About six years ago, I had the pleasure to meet a master bladesmith, Burt Foster. He is pretty famous, having appeared on various radio and television shows. He won an episode of “Forged in Fire,” and has routinely won other competitions against master bladesmiths. His knives are known all over … Continue reading In re: Flying Solo