Oral Arguments Announced

The Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board will hold in-person oral arguments in two cases on June 8.

First, the Board will consider the definition of “reasonable and necessary” medical bills, and if the trial court erred by excluding bills at a compensation hearing, in Lentz v. Coca-Cola Consolidated. (Read this order, too.)

Second, in Semich v. AT&T Services, Inc., the question is whether the trial judge abused its discretion by ordering an employer to give employee’s counsel contact information of employees, who might provide information about the willful misconduct defense, outside of the parameters of a deposition.

Arguments will start at 9:30 a.m. in the Supreme Court Building in Nashville. The docket (revised) is available here.

A previous, now unpublished, blog post listed two other cases for argument, which are being rescheduled.

Photo by Kim Weaver, paralegal, Knoxville.

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