Just a couple things…

First, we promised we’d check in regarding the continuation of telephone settlement approvals at the end of June. It’s July now.

As previously announced, we plan to begin in-person approvals across the state after Labor Day, but each office will develop its own hours and protocols. These will be posted in the future as soon as they’ve been finalized. After Labor Day, we’ll still allow for telephone approvals as well. So for a few months, we’ll be offering a hybrid: choose either in-person or by phone, depending on everyone’s preferences.

Ideally we’ll resume all in-person approvals in January 2022, but we’re waiting to make sure that will be safe.

And don’t forget, once we resume all in-person approvals, you can always contact staff to request a telephone approval when the circumstances are appropriate.

Second, the Bureau will be closed on Monday, July 5, for Independence Day. Be happy and safe on the holiday.

Photo by Kim Weaver, Legal Assistant, Knoxville.

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