Templates Revised for Disputed Cases: No Doubt

By Judge Lisa A. Lowe, Knoxville We use certain words to mean certain things. Sometimes we use a word or phrase out of habit, without really thinking of the meaning or implication. For example, those involved in Tennessee workers’ compensation cases are familiar with what we have called “doubtful and disputed” settlements. “Doubtful” means uncertainty … Continue reading Templates Revised for Disputed Cases: No Doubt

Remember to Set Approvals at Remote Locations

By Chief Judge Kenneth M. Switzer, Nashville A quick reminder that the Court returns to in-person settlements this week across the state at our regional courtrooms. In addition, we remind of the following remote locations, with dates and contact information. Judge Addington: Hamblen County, first Wednesday each month from 9 a.m. Eastern Time to noon … Continue reading Remember to Set Approvals at Remote Locations

Let it snow!

We're still proceeding with all scheduled telephone settlement approvals, today and tomorrow, despite the weather and closure of state offices. Photo by Judge Deana Seymour, Memphis.

Surprised by Hope

By Chief Judge Kenneth M. Switzer, Nashville “Surprised by Hope” is a book by well-known theologian, Tom Wright. An interesting read if you’re so inclined. I, too, am “surprised by hope"--the hope that someday soon we can get back to the normality of in-person settlements. That normality seems to be ever-moving forward, as the virus … Continue reading Surprised by Hope

Phoning it in

By Judge Robert Durham, Cookeville In this new world we have to share with COVID-19, many of our traditional ways of doing things have been challenged or even eliminated. One of those is in-person settlement approvals, which simply aren’t feasible while social-distancing. However, the Court’s duty remains to see that injured workers understand what their … Continue reading Phoning it in


Due to the Nashville bombing of AT&T technical equipment location, normal telephone service for settlement approvals has been interrupted.   PLEASE NOTE THE SETTLEMENT CALL-IN NUMBERS FOR THIS WEEK ONLY FOR THE NASHVILE JUDGES: Judge Josh Baker – 423-634-0163 Chief Judge Kenneth Switzer – 855-543-5041 All attorneys with approvals this week must contact the injured workers … Continue reading ALERT!