Surveys delayed but on the way

In a previous blog post, we announced that electronic surveys about our judges would be sent to every attorney and self-represented litigant within the past year who tried or settled a case in the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims where a dispute certification notice issued. We also said to watch your inboxes because they would be sent soon.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, mailing the surveys was delayed but has now taken place. We’ve extended the deadline to respond to May 15.

To summarize our methodology, the Bureau’s statistician used TNComp to track all cases that closed between March 2019 and February 2020 to identify recipients of the surveys. So, if you have cases that are still pending, or if you have appeared before a judge in previous years but not within that time frame, you won’t get a survey about that particular case or judge. The statistician compiles the results, not the Court. Your response is anonymous. If you have questions about the survey, contact

We apologize for the delay. The survey results mean a great deal to us. The composite scores tell us who excels or needs improvement in very specific areas, and we read each and every comment.

Thanks for your patience on this. We look forward to your responses.


Photo by Judge Brian Addington, Gray.

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