Calling for your settlement approval or other hearing

As we prepare for the beginning of telephonic settlement approval hearings next week, we’d like to remind you of the telephone numbers our judges and staff use for conference calls, listed below.

Location JUDGES Toll-Free Local
CHATTANOOGA Audrey Headrick 855-383-0001 423-634-0164
CHATTANOOGA Thomas Wyatt 855-747-1721 615-741-3061
MEMPHIS Rhoberta Orsland 855-543-5045 901-543-2669
MEMPHIS Deana Seymour 866-943-0014 615-532-9550
KNOXVILLE Pamela Johnson 855-543-5041 865-594-0091
KNOXVILLE Lisa Lowe 855-383-0003 865-594-0109
GRAY Brian Addington 855-543-5044 865-594-6538
GRAY Traci Haynes 855-543-5042 865-594-6543
COOKEVILLE Robert Durham 855-689-9049 615-253-0010
MURFREESBORO Dale Tipps 855-874-0473 615-741-2112
NASHVILLE Joshua Baker 855-874-0474 615-741-2113
JACKSON Allen Phillips 855-543-5038 731-422-5263
JACKSON Amber Luttrell 855-543-5039 731-422-5264
MEETING LINE Kenneth Switzer 866-943-0025 615-532-9552

These telephone numbers were also listed in the links to Monday’s post outlining the Court’s efforts to continue serving employees and employers to the best of our ability as COVID-19 forces the closure of many businesses. Please re-read the protocols for your scheduled settlements beforehand. Also, electronic signatures on documents are acceptable.

Now a little advice about the use of the conference lines. If you’re the first caller, you’ll hear the phone ringing until someone else joins the call. So just wait while it rings. If you’re early, it might ring for a minute or two. Conversely, if a hearing exceeds the time we’ve allotted, and you call on time for your case, please stay on the line while the other hearing concludes. The judge will get to your case as soon as possible.

Also—infrequently—parties or lawyers have informed us that they called the local line but were unable to get through. If this happens to you, try the toll-free number instead.

Finally, keep in mind that these are conference lines only. You can’t leave a message, and if you’re calling at a time other than when you’re scheduled, the chances are good that no one will pick up. So if you’re a self-represented litigant with procedural questions, do not call the numbers above. Rather, call an ombudsman at 800-332-2667.

Again, we thank you for your patience as we navigate this challenging situation.

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