We’re All Ears

By Judge Amber Luttrell, Jackson

Through this blog, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims seek to share insights, tips and developments on all things relevant to Tennessee workers’ compensation law. Sometimes we also seek to entertain you with engaging true stories of poison, mules, onions, man’s best friend, and even a few recipes. (Thank you, Judges Brian Addington and Audrey Headrick!)

Since this blog began in 2015, we’ve let you know what’s on our minds. Now, we’d like to hear what’s on your minds. What topic would you like to see covered in this blog? Is there a procedural question you have regarding the newly revised Court and Alternative Dispute Resolution rules? What questions might you have regarding any issue, really, that’s relevant to Tennessee workers’ compensation that you think might be of interest to others? We’ll take a look, and you just might see it in a future blog post. Send topic ideas to the clerk, Penny Shrum.

Of course, we can’t address issues in a pending case or provide advisory opinions on issues not yet addressed by the Appeals Board or Supreme Court Panel. But, with that disclaimer aside, go ahead and send in your ideas. We’re all ears.

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