TNComp Needs a Vacation

By Penny Shrum, Clerk of Court, Nashville

Perhaps you’ve seen the note below the last time you tried to upload a document.


It’s been one year since the Court’s electronic filing system went live. All programs need a little maintenance now and then to keep up with technology. So, soon we’ll be giving TNComp a short break.


You’ll be unable to upload attachments to TNComp Friday, July 12th at 4:30 pm through Tuesday, July 16th at 5 pm. However, you may still view the dockets you have access to and their filings in TNComp.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “But I have a filing deadline that falls during the maintenance period. What do I do?!”

To submit any filings to the Court during the maintenance period, you may email the filings to Clerk staff will send them on to the judges for their review. But you won’t receive a date-stamped copy until after the maintenance is complete. In addition, you won’t be able to view any of the new filings in TNComp during that time.

L_M guyYou won’t see any changes to TNComp once the maintenance is finished. Then you’ll be able to upload attachments to TNComp again, the same way you’ve been doing it. It will be back to business as usual.

As a reminder, prior blog posts about TNComp may be found here and here. Also, you can watch instructional videos on how to navigate the system by following the link provided here.

If you’d like additional training or instructions on TNComp, contact me at 615-253-4507 or email me. I’m happy to set up training at one of our area offices or at your office.

We appreciate your patience while we do a little tinkering on TNComp to ensure it’s performing at 100 percent. We also hope you’re squeezing in a little rest and relaxation this summer.






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