Let’s be TNComp buddies!

By Penny Shrum, Clerk of Court, Nashville

It’s been over six months since the Court’s electronic filing system, TNComp, went live. The Court has received 744 requests to access cases in TNComp since February. But only 35 cases have had attachments uploaded by parties through TNComp in that same time period.

TNComp has lots of friends who like to view the filings on a case but few who are involved in a mutual relationship. Let’s become better friends!

Four benefits of uploading a file to TNComp are:

  • You can receive instant confirmation that the document was uploaded to the Court file. This allows legal professionals to upload documents outside of State office hours. Imagine you are under a filing deadline, and the document is not ready until 5 p.m. The Clerk’s office has left for the day, and you need proof you made your deadline.
  • You can immediately download a date-stamped copy. This reduces delays in retrieving court documents. Previously, you would copy others in your firm with the filing, then wait on a date-stamped copy. Now you may file the document, download a date-stamped copy and email it to staff stating it has been filed.
  • You’ll save time; no need to contact wc.courtclerk@tn.gov for a date-stamped copy. This reduces the time and effort needed to manage cases for you and the Court. When you upload a filing in an Adobe pdf document, notification of the filing immediately goes to the Judge and his or her staff. You don’t have to wait a business day for the Clerk’s office to upload the document and send you notification that it’s been filed.
  • Best of all – it’s free! One court in middle Tennessee charges $5 per transaction for e-filings. TNComp is free, and the training is free!

If you’d like additional training or instructions on TNComp, contact me at 615-253-4507 or email me. I’m happy to set up training at one of our area offices or at your office; please contact me. My goal is to help you become friends with TNComp.

This previous post describes TNComp, which allows parties to view and upload filings on a particular case. The link to register is here. Please use the TNComp External User Login Section.

If you’d like to easily submit documentation on a particular case, go to the case in TNComp. Click the “View Attachments” button; then press the “Add New Document” button. You simply select from the WC Type and Sub Type drop-down list, then choose which file to upload from your computer. After the file has been chosen, click “save.” The file will be uploaded and digitally-stamped. You may then click the “view” button to download the digitally-stamped Adobe document.

A two-minute video demonstrating how to upload attachments to TNComp is available here.

Jump into TNComp; the water’s fine!



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