Achieving TNComp Validation

By Penny Shrum, Clerk of Court, Nashville

It’s been two months since the Court’s electronic filing system, called TNComp, went live! This previous post describes the TNComp system, which allows parties to view and upload filings on a particular case.

The Court has received 224 requests to access cases in the TNComp system since February. Only 18 cases have attachments uploaded by parties through TNComp in the same time period. Detailed instructions may be found here. The information in this post addresses common inquiries I’ve received about TNComp.

The best internet browsers to use with TNComp are Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You may use other browsers, but Chrome is the preferred browser of Court staff. If you are having issues with logging in or viewing the page, you might want to clear the cookies in your web browser. Cookies are a snapshot of a website at a certain time and may prove problematic if TNComp introduces an update. Glitches could occur, which is why you should clear cookies periodically to make sure you’re accessing the most up-to-date version of TNComp. If nothing shows up on the screen, please refresh your page. In Chrome, you may refresh by selecting the Ctrl, Shift, and R keys at the same time, and the page will reload.



The link to register for the electronic filing system is here. Please use the TNComp External User Login Section. The other login is for Bureau staff only. You create your own user ID and password. If you forget your user ID or password, you may click on the appropriate button to receive an email with that information. A two-minute training video is available here.


A common error message when registering is “Invalid Attorney.” Don’t feel invalidated! It simply means that the Board of Professional Responsibility number you entered isn’t in TNComp at that time. A frequent reason for the error message is because the attorney is not listed on a Dispute Certification Notice filed via TNComp after November 1, 2017.  Another reason is that your BPR number might not be correct in the system. Legal staff can register as a user with the BPR number of their supervising attorney; however, they might receive the same error messages due to the reasons above.


Another error message that you might receive is “Invalid Docket Number.” Don’t worry; validation is ahead! It simply means that the Docket number you entered is not in TNComp. One reason might be that the Dispute Certification Notice wasn’t submitted through TNComp. Bureau staff began using TNComp in November of 2017; therefore, any DCNs filed with the Court before that date will not be in TNComp. A one-minute video showing how to access a docket in TNComp is available here.

If you’d like to easily submit documentation on a particular case, go to the case in TNComp. Click the “View Attachments” button; then press the “Add New Document” button. You simply select from the WC Type and Sub Type drop-down list, then choose which file to upload from your computer. After the file has been chosen, click “save.” The file will be uploaded and digitally-stamped. You may then click the “view” button to download the digitally-stamped Adobe document. A two-minute video demonstrating how to upload attachments to TNComp is available here.

If you have questions, contact me at or 615-253-2480.


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