Settlement approvals to be held in Morristown

By Judge Brian Addington, Gray

Brian AddingtonWe’ve finally settled into the new office in Gray. It’s been a pleasure to work in a new space for mediations, approvals and hearings for our Northeast Tennessee counties.

As part of our long history of service to the public, we formerly offered settlement approvals in various cities throughout Northeast Tennessee. We’re proud to announce, starting August 1, 2018, that we’re going to perform settlement approvals again in Morristown, Tennessee. We’ll use the “General Sessions Division 2” room on the second floor of the Hamblen County Courthouse, located at 511 West Second North Street.

Approvals in Morristown will start at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time and end at noon on the first Wednesday of each month. If you’d like to schedule an approval, it’s easy: use the same process as for setting approvals in Gray. Just call 423-854-5167 for Elizabeth VanDelinder or call 423-854-5163 for Traci Haynes.

I will conduct the settlement approval and take the filing fee and the completed paperwork back to the Gray office, where staff will file the settlements and send the paperwork to the parties and counsel.

We hope this service will benefit the injured employees and employers who live and work in the western end of the Bureau’s Gray office coverage area. IM000604.JPG

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