Are you an Outlaw or an Angel?

Find out at the upcoming Bureau Educational Conference in Murfreesboro.

Staff Attorneys Jane Salem, Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims, and Elizabeth Vines, Appeals Board — huge “outlaw country” fans — will host “Outlaws and Angels: Tips for Success in Your Workers’ Compensation Case.” They’ll offer their views from beside the bench… when the recording is off, after the judges have hung up their robes… what do they really like/dislike about your case presentation? You’ve heard from many of the judges at past conferences, but they’re planning on sleeping in and skipping this one.

It’ll be served with a side of country music sans the pop or overproduction.

The fun starts 8 a.m. on June 7 at the Embassy Suites. Kris and Willie definitely will not be up by that hour, but you can! Wear your cleanest dirty shirts; plan for traffic on the interstate; and bring a list of questions.

Tomorrow: Check in for another preview of the Courts’ programming at the Educational Conference. 


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