We’ve Moved!

Welcome to the Court blog’s new home on WordPress. We’ve taken on a new look, which we hope you find aesthetically preferable to our old digs on Blogger. Our blog is new and improved.


More importantly, we’ve added new features:

  • If you’d like to receive emails whenever we post new information, you may sign up to follow the blog below.
  • Posts can now be searched by the author, or just enter a search term.
  • We’ve added a page of FAQs, geared mostly toward self-represented litigants, but lawyers new to the practice area or unfamiliar with post-July 1, 2014 procedures might benefit from giving it a quick read as well.
  • Finally, we’ve added “Take a Poll.” This is for feedback on the blog itself (not be confused with the occasional surveys we’ve taken in the past regarding the Court and individual judges’ performances).

We want to know which information you find the most helpful. Among the Court’s core values in devotion to the pursuit of excellence and superior customer service. We see this blog is one of the central ways in which we demonstrate these values — so we appreciate any ideas for improvement.

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