More Guidance from the Appeals Board

Our Appeals Board continues to build a battery of caselaw interpreting the Reform Act.
In Sirkin v. Trans Carriers, Inc., et al.,  the Board pointed out that compensability and causation are not interchangeable concepts. Payne v. D and D Electric, et al. examined summary judgment in the workers’ compensation context. The Board discussed bifurcation of compensability and entitlement to benefits at the compensation hearing stage in Rucker v. Flexible Staffing Solutions of Tennessee, et al. In Young v. Young Electric Co., et al.,  the “physical facts” rule, as well as an employer’s liability for past medical expenses, are addressed. Most recently, the Board once again examined notice and causation in Yarbrough v. Protective Services Co., Inc. 

In other news, the judges statewide will be unable to approve settlements June 20-24, 2016, due to the Bureau’s annual education conference and our own judicial college.
Happy summer!

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