Please be Timely

In the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims, we conduct the vast majority of our non-evidentiary hearings telephonically. We do this principally for the convenience of parties and their lawyers, and because we understand and respect the value of everyone’s time.
We ask that you do the same. It seems that recently, more and more attorneys call in late, or not at all. As a general rule, many of our judges afford counsel and self-represented litigants leeway. With no-shows, we find contact information and attempt to track someone down whenever practicable. When it’s not, we simply proceed with the hearing, without the participation of the absentee. We prefer not to do that, but our docketing notices and other scheduling orders always indicate that it’s a possibility for failure to call in. You’ve been warned.
Please take the time to get these hearings on your calendars, and call in at the appropriate time. It’s not much to ask, and it’s just a matter of showing the Court and opposing parties and counsel the respect we’re all due. And thank you to those who regularly call in at the appointed times.  

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