Appeals Board Sets Arguments During Conference

The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board will hear arguments during the Bureau’s upcoming educational conference.

The case, Martinez v. ACG Roofing, Inc., involves an insurance coverage dispute and multiple alleged employers. The trial judge denied a motion for summary judgment brought by one of the carriers, Assigned Technology Risk, finding questions of material fact. Assigned Technology Risk had argued that it lawfully terminated its policy with ACG due to nonpayment of premiums before the employee became injured.

The parties make several arguments on appeal. In the carrier’s brief, it argues that the judge erred by not following precedent regarding lapses in coverage. The employee counters that the appeal is frivolous and seeks sanctions.

The arguments will take place on June 15 at 1:45 p.m. Central Time at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro as part of the annual education conference. The docket is available here.

For more information about the conference, click here.

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