Oral Arguments Set for Late February

On February 22, the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board will hold oral arguments in two cases.

First, in Nelson v. QVS, the employee alleged an injury while working for the corporation he owns, and which employs him. The business’s carrier has denied the claim. The employee filed a motion that the carrier provide separate counsel to represent the business, arguing that a conflict of interest exists. The trial court granted the motion, and the carrier appealed.

Next, in McKim v. Stansell Electric Co., the employer challenged several rulings in an expedited hearing order, including whether the trial court erred by allowing letters from the doctors into evidence regarding restrictions, whether the temporary total disability award was improper, and whether the employee complied with treatment when he missed appointments with a pain management physician due to transportation problems.

The arguments will be held by videoconference. Anyone is welcome to observe, but only counsel for the parties may speak. The links to access the arguments and other information are available in the docket.

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