We’ll see some of you next week

Next week, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will host the 2021 Educational Conference in Murfreesboro. You may attend in-person November 1-3 or on demand starting November 15 through December 3. This year’s theme is “Be the Change.” It’s not too late to register.

Next Tuesday will see the premiere of the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims Players in the fourth and final installment of the Overstreet Plumbing saga, as the parties head to court for the compensation hearing. As usual, they hit a few ethical speedbumps along the way. A detailed listing of all programs is available here.

The popular Kids Chance auction additionally returns, along with the conferral of the Sue Ann Head Award.

For practitioners who can’t be there, we’ll miss you. You won’t be able to have your settlements approved Monday through Wednesday of next week. Also, responses to emails might be somewhat delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience and will return to business as usual on Thursday.

Safe travels to Murfreesboro.

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