Bureau Announces Virtual Educational Conference

A while back, we announced with great disappointment that our annual educational conference was canceled.

But now we have fantastic news: We’ve discovered a way to present a great conference without the worries of bringing 600-plus attendees together. We’ll be teaming with Select Medical to host a virtual conference.

Save the dates–October 24-30–although it’s not really necessary. That’s because all of our sessions will be recorded and available for an additional two weeks to be watched on demand. And we’ll still be able to offer all types of continuing education credits in various fields.

Our current plans are to have two 90-minute sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of that week. On Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll have one 90-minute session. This will allow for eight 90-minute sessions, for a total of 12 hours of continuing education. These sessions will allow for live Q&A and will be recorded, with the Q&A and placed into a content library for viewing on demand by those unable to attend the original sessions.

We’re trying to make it as close to an actual conference as possible. We’ll have a virtual exhibit hall, networking opportunities, and a Kids’ Chance Fundraiser. We’ll also honor the Sue Ann Head Award recipient.

The agenda, registration fee, and the date registration will open will be announced soon. We look forward to your participation.

06/12/2019 BWC Centennial Gala

At last year’s conference, Terry Hill, a partner with Manier & Herod in Nashville, received the Sue Ann Head Award.

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