The Survey Says…

By Chris Acuff, Statistical Research Analyst, Nashville


We actually don’t know what the survey says — yet.

As part of the Tennessee Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims’ efforts to continually improve the hearing and settlement process for all parties, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will be distributing a brief questionnaire to assess customers’ experiences with our judges over the last year. Next week, we’ll begin mailing surveys for each judge before whom you have appeared, or with whom you have completed a workers’ compensation settlement agreement, since April 2017.

Many of you have participated in similar surveys in previous years. We’re asking for your ongoing evaluation. This year, we will ask you to assess judges based on five key attributes: legal ability; written decisions; temperament; diligence; and impartiality. As always, we’re asking you to provide a fair and honest evaluation of the judge(s) based on these factors, and hope that you will take this opportunity to provide us with valuable feedback.

To ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your responses, be assured that submissions are anonymous, and surveys will not be used to identify any individual attorney or firm. The surveys you receive will be unique to each judge depending on the case(s) tried or settled over the last year, but no personally-identifying information will be asked or recorded. Additionally, results will be compiled by me; Court staff, and judges will only see aggregate results once the survey is completed. We hope that this process will alleviate any concerns you might have regarding confidentiality, and this will encourage you to participate in this vital assessment.

You should receive a packet containing a survey and a self-addressed, stamped envelope for each judge within the next week. We ask that you complete the survey(s) and return them via the enclosed envelope(s) by Friday, April 20th.

Thanks for your participation in this important evaluation. We look forward to your feedback.

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