Templates Revised for Disputed Cases: No Doubt

By Judge Lisa A. Lowe, Knoxville We use certain words to mean certain things. Sometimes we use a word or phrase out of habit, without really thinking of the meaning or implication. For example, those involved in Tennessee workers’ compensation cases are familiar with what we have called “doubtful and disputed” settlements. “Doubtful” means uncertainty … Continue reading Templates Revised for Disputed Cases: No Doubt

Deadlines matter

By Judge Lisa Lowe, Knoxville If you’re in need of a New Year’s resolution, here’s a great one to work on: managing your time in 2022. Of course we see many lawyers who are already very proficient in this realm. These are the ones who call on day 59 after a dispute certification notice has … Continue reading Deadlines matter

In re Cooperation

By Judge Lisa A. Lowe, Knoxville Several months ago, a committee was formed within the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to examine the process of the issuance of the dispute certification notice. The committee consisted of judges, mediators and program coordinators. One of its goals was to ensure greater consistency with regard to which documents are … Continue reading In re Cooperation