Weathering the storm

By Chief Judge Kenneth M. Switzer, Nashville

As you all know, we recently experienced business interruption at the Nashville office due to the tornado. Comparatively speaking, this was just a minor inconvenience. Many people lost everything, and 25 persons lost their lives. When we look at things in those terms, we realize that missing a few operational days is incidental.

But because of technology, we were able to continue to operate without being at the office. We certainly have no interest in doing that all the time, but we can survive for limited periods. So can you and your practice. Click here for advice on how to work with the Court through the worst of times.

The primary thing to do in these circumstances is follow this blog. But if you are reading this, you already do, right? So tell your legal neighbor to sign up. Whether the unforeseen event is here in Nashville or around the state, we’ll post notices concerning our operational capabilities. Also, below are links for general information about the current public health crisis.

Thanks for your patience this past week.

Further information:

The Center for Disease Control Guidance for Business

The Tennessee Department of Health COVID-19 Information

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