Five Things in Five Minutes

By Penny Shrum, Court Clerk, Nashville

5 minAs the holidays approach, I am feeling crunched for time! This made me think of what could be done in five minutes to make my life easier.

While a nap would make me happier, it certainly would not be productive.

I have done three of the five items listed below. How many can you do before the holidays are over?

  1. Watch all three TNComp videos.      5 min 2
  2. Wrap a gift. Make sure you have lots of tape on hand!5 min 3
  3. Sign up for the Court’s Blog (look at the right side of this page toward the bottom!). 5 min 4
  4. Make Five Minute Fudge. Recipes abound on the Internet!5 min 5
  5. Upload a document in TNComp, and receive a date-stamped copy instantly.  5 min 6

Contact me if you have any problems with numbers 1, 3 or 5, above, and happy holidays!


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