Evening Things Out

By Chief Judge Kenneth M. Switzer
From time to time, it’s important to take a look at where persons in Tennessee are becoming injured on the job, and reassess whether they truly have efficient and convenient access to the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims. Stated another way, it becomes apparent that some judges’ dockets are trending too large compared to those of their peers. 
For this reason, we’ve made an adjustment with regard to the Bureau’s districting in the east. Specifically, since Campbell, Claiborne, Union and Jefferson Counties are much closer to Knoxville, and the Kingsport caseload tends to always be one of the Court’s largest, it just makes sense to realign them into the Knoxville region. Our two Knoxville judges now cover 13 counties, while our lone Kingsport judge covers 10. This change takes effect today.
This new plan is reflected on the chart on the Bureau’s website, reprinted below. You might consider printing this out and keeping it handy for whenever you need to contact the local Court. I refer to it often.

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