In Re Butter

By Judge Brian Addington, Gray I’ve met people who were astounded when I told them I’m a judge. Just the other day, my wife and I were eating lunch with a few other couples, including the daughter of a famous professional football player. She actually did a doubletake and said “No” twice when I told … Continue reading In Re Butter

Honoring 100 Years of Workers’ Compensation in Tennessee

On June 12, the Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation hosted a formal event to commemorate the law's 100 years and to honor an individual who has had a significant impact on the law. Theresa Montgomery, the chief state photographer in Nashville, captured the highlights below. To see all of her wonderful photos of this event, … Continue reading Honoring 100 Years of Workers’ Compensation in Tennessee

Slip sliding away

By Judge Brian Addington, Gray I was sitting in our car in Nashville years ago when I heard a catchy tune from Paul Simon, Slip Sliding Away. I later learned the Oak Ridge Boys backed him up. I really liked that song, but I was used to hearing the Oak Ridge Boys sing gospel. I … Continue reading Slip sliding away

Safe Travels

By Judge Brian Addington, Gray As spring break approaches, I started thinking about a topic that’s close to my heart: travel. I love to travel and experience new places, people and food. I love to return from a successful trip and share my experiences with others, encouraging them to travel there, too. I’ve enjoyed trips … Continue reading Safe Travels

Skiing on Thin Ice

By Judge Robert V. Durham, Cookeville As we crawl toward spring (I don’t care what the calendar says; February is never the shortest month) and leave the possibility of snow behind, I am reminded of the part of the Workers’ Compensation Act that has always intrigued me the most: the exemption for voluntary “ski patrolpersons” … Continue reading Skiing on Thin Ice

Brave Tennesseean is ‘Righteous Among the Nations’

By Judge Brian Addington, Kingsport I have written before about my interest and love of heroes, mentioning Alvin York and Tom Lee, both great Tennesseans. They exemplified courage in distinctly different ways and both were widely recognized for their accomplishments during their lifetimes. I am proud they called Tennessee home and are part of our … Continue reading Brave Tennesseean is ‘Righteous Among the Nations’

Of Bears and Men

By Judge Dale Tipps, Murfreesboro Becoming a workers’ compensation judge included a few unexpected benefits. For instance, due to avoidance of ex parte communications, my phone rarely rings while I’m trying to draft that next order. Another pleasant surprise is how much I enjoy meeting folks during their settlement approval hearings. Most people don’t have … Continue reading Of Bears and Men