A Summer-y Blog Post on Summary Judgment

By Judge Dale Tipps, Murfreesboro This article will tackle a very “august” topic: tips for your next summary judgment motion. Summary judgment traces its roots back to England as a means of hastening litigation and potentially the disposition of cases, principally debtor-creditor actions. Its first codification occurred in 1855 when Parliament passed the Keating Act. … Continue reading A Summer-y Blog Post on Summary Judgment

Uninsured Employers Fund(amentals)

By Judge Dale Tipps, Murfreesboro Attorneys, did you know the Workers’ Compensation Statute contains a Part 8? If you represent injured workers, Part 8 might occasionally cross your path. It established the Uninsured Employers Fund (UEF), which provides for the enforcement of insurance coverage requirements. The part that might intersect with your practice is Tennessee … Continue reading Uninsured Employers Fund(amentals)

Talking Turkey

By Judge Dale Tipps, Murfreesboro Although my local grocery store was playing Christmas music the day after Halloween, we shouldn’t forget about Thanksgiving. More to the point, we should all be careful to adequately prepare for the hazards of Thanksgiving. I’m not talking about the usual issues of overeating or the general stress of being … Continue reading Talking Turkey

Of Bears and Men

By Judge Dale Tipps, Murfreesboro Becoming a workers’ compensation judge included a few unexpected benefits. For instance, due to avoidance of ex parte communications, my phone rarely rings while I’m trying to draft that next order. Another pleasant surprise is how much I enjoy meeting folks during their settlement approval hearings. Most people don’t have … Continue reading Of Bears and Men

Pain Management Presents Complex Issues for UR

By Judges Brian Addington and Dale TippsIn recent years, sadly, Tennessee has struggled with issues concerning prescription pain medications. Tennessee was in the top ten states for the number of prescribed pain medications in 2012. In addition, a 2010 report for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that Tennessee ranked eighth nationally nationally for drug-overdose deaths. Opioid addiction … Continue reading Pain Management Presents Complex Issues for UR