The next Maury County Day is…

The next day for settlement approvals in Maury County is January 30. If you have a claimant from the southern counties who prefers going to Columbia rather than the Murfreesboro office, contact Patsy Bumbalough or call 615-848-6743.

Talking Turkey

By Judge Dale Tipps, Murfreesboro Although my local grocery store was playing Christmas music the day after Halloween, we shouldn’t forget about Thanksgiving. More to the point, we should all be careful to adequately prepare for the hazards of Thanksgiving. I’m not talking about the usual issues of overeating or the general stress of being … Continue reading Talking Turkey

Details, Details

By Chief Judge Kenneth M. Switzer, Nashville In the musical “1776,” after a long, arduous battle over the concept of the Declaration of Independence and the details of its wording, the document is finally ready for a vote. At this point John Adams, who has pushed for the Declaration the whole time, raises an objection to … Continue reading Details, Details

Tennessee Comp Reforms Receive High Marks

We're proud that people are noticing the Bureau's hard work generally and the Court's in particular. We promise to continue to provide a fair, efficient and professional court system to employees and employers that will promote economic prosperity for all Tennesseans.

Bureau Redoubles Compliance Efforts, Names New Director

Tennessee employers, you’re warned: Comply with the Workers’ Compensation Law, or be prepared to face serious consequences. The Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is making changes to its Compliance Program. The Bureau’s efforts include appointing new leadership, pursuing new initiatives and hiring additional staff to achieve its goals. As of Oct. 1, Amanda Terry now … Continue reading Bureau Redoubles Compliance Efforts, Names New Director

Of Bears and Men

By Judge Dale Tipps, Murfreesboro Becoming a workers’ compensation judge included a few unexpected benefits. For instance, due to avoidance of ex parte communications, my phone rarely rings while I’m trying to draft that next order. Another pleasant surprise is how much I enjoy meeting folks during their settlement approval hearings. Most people don’t have … Continue reading Of Bears and Men